~ Healthy Choices, Healthy Living !

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Paving a way through life … One pebble at a time !
There will come a day when just being you is enough …
 it's called LIVING your healthy life out loud !
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There comes a point in everybody's life where you just need to breathe. This page is designed to share inspiration, motivation, education, healthy lifestyles, great recipes, amazing food presentation, beautiful pictures … and most importantly a " Smile " from me to you ! I am a strong advocate of finding your happiness … where ever it shall be ! People often search their whole life looking for something that will never bring their dreams to life.  Why not take a chance and try something new, exciting … bringing joy to your life through new adventures !

I spent a long time just accepting whatever life threw at me, and I just lived my life according to the rules. Then one day I woke up and I asked myself this one question … "who made all these rules anyways ?". That question forever changed my life … I no longer live by anybody else's rules and I certainly don't think life is about just accepting any circumstances that come my way! I am in charge of my own destiny and so are you … it is within our own power what type of life we live and where our happiness will come from. Take this moment and think about your present day and where you want to be in the future, think about 10 yrs down the line, maybe even five … how about in one year, where do you hope to see the change ? Now think about what small movements daily can do to get you closer to your dreams and what just six months from now can look like !



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The beginning starts with inner self worth and realizing that how you look and feel are the main ingredients to having your very own perfect life !  Step out of your comfort zone and join me on a journey that promises to open many doors along the way that will not only help you, but could also change your life !  Healthy living isn't just for gym rats, or super strong muscle men … it's something that every body deserves and can easily achieve in many forms of healthy eating, exercising and just breathing ! They say an apple a day, keeps the doctor away … imagine what adding a nice walk, bike ride or exercise regimen five times a week can do for you !     


Don't be fooled by " diets " and " fast " solutions ! Take the time to learn about making healthy decisions that will create a healthy lifestyle and bring joy to you and everyone around you !  Being healthy is good for your soul, your life and your happiness !


Get up !  Get moving !

 Take the chance that healthy habits will change your life forever !  


I hope you find this page useful and that it touches you in a way that can bring happiness to your life. I am a self motivated Nomad whom LOVES to travel and see new things … and my favorite part of every Journey I take is meeting new people and sharing life experiences.

With that being said …


♥ Welcome to our world … Once upon a Pebble ♥ 



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