Beautiful You !

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When you look in the mirror, do you like who you see ? Chances are you will find something to complain about … your hair, your skin or even a feature you never liked ! I am hear to tell you that being happy in life begins with loving yourself just as you are ! There are many ways you can enhance the features you were blessed with and ways to treat skin problems that seem to be recurring. We need to stop thinking about being some idea of what " perfect " looks like and start realizing that everybody is perfect in their own way, regardless of the color of your skin, hair or eyes … you are beautiful just being you !

Mirror - Perfect

But like everything else in life, you must first be aware of your own feelings and really understand that everybody is different … but also know, everybody is beautiful in their own way ! I have spent many years " finding myself " and have come to the conclusion that beauty is not about appearance alone … it truly deserves much more credit ! Think about a baby and how they love looking at themselves in a mirror … they are not critizing their features, they are loving every minute of who they see looking back at them ! Don't you think it's time you also love the person looking back at you ?

Mirror - Baby

To look and feel your best you need to love that person looking back at you in the mirror ! Join me on a journey of finding the best products on the market to nourish our skin as well as our soul ! If there is one thing I love to indulge in more than chocolate … it's trying new beauty products ! I can help you find the products that bring out the beauty deep inside of you and truly feel good about how you look and feel !

I will share my experience and opinion with each product I have personally tried and I will give you a rating of how I feel it works, and if the price justifies the product.

" Remember, life is like the ocean, every day it can change … the waves roll in bringing new treasures to shore while washing away what existed before … just like a wave, every day is a new chance to catch it ! Live life like a mirror in the sea and let your inner beauty flourish ! " ~ P & T

mirror - ocean

♥ Life is about love … and loving yourself should be at the top of the list ! ♥

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