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Hair - Shampoo

There are so many products on the market that promise to solve every problem we encounter with our hair. But how do we know what to try and what really works ??? One thing that works for sure is … stop shampooing every day ! That is soooooo yesterday ! Our hair needs to breathe, just like we do and allowing a couple of days in between washing your hair can do wonders for it's condition, I know because I used to be that person who had to wash their hair every day, but I learned that washing 1 to 2 times a week has made such an incredible change in my hair … it has never looked at felt so healthy as it does today ! I use a dry shampoo every other day in between washings, just to freshen it up a bit and help my oily area above my ears. I only use a few sprays and then I am good to go ! This is not only great for your hair … but it saves A LOT of money we spend on those products we were using daily !

I am a firm believer that sometimes less is better, that simple solutions can improve most hair issues unless your hair is extremely damaged.

( I will talk about damaged hair later on ).

I love coconut, so you can bet that I try almost everything that has coconut in it ! The following Shampoo not only delivers in making my hair feel amazing, it also smells incredibly good !

On the right side of this page, you will find a few shampoos to try ! Click on the products to read more about them !

When in a hurry or just not wanting to shampoo my hair and style it again, I use a Dry Shampoo and let me tell you, it's been a life saver ! Getting ready quickly has never been easier … with a few sprays, I run my fingers through my fresh already perfectly styled hair ! In the right column is one of my top picks and it includes a nice shampoo / conditioner as well … so you get all three to try ! FREE Daryl K Bag with Samples






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