Swimming and Water Exercises

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Love being in the water ???  Great news … Adding some form of water exercise in your daily routine is a super way to get healthy ! You can build a routine that involves arms, hips, legs and ankles in just about any size pool ! Even the depth of the water only needs to be to your waist. Doing the bicycle movement with your hands on the wall to support you is great for upper body strength as well as strengthing your legs ! Just using the water to stretch and move is a great way to exercise your entire body, it does not require a lot of know how or strength and is the perfect exercise for those of us just getting started or maybe those who are aging gracefully and need to maintain their health.

Curious how water exercise can help you get in shape ?  Read below for all the facts on exercising in the water !

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Physical Benefits

  • Improved flexibility and strength
  • Builds up endurance
  • Increases muscular flexibility
  • Muscular balance
  • Heart muscle becomes stronger
  • Improves the physique
  • Increases circulation
  • Rehabilitates muscles
  • Improved ability to control and maintain healthy weight

What exercise options are there in the water?

  • Water Walking:  Moving forward, backward, and sideward, using regular, short, quick, or long steps, in waist-deep or chest-deep water
  • Water Aerobics: Full body rhythmic exercises conducted in shallow and/or deep water for 20 minutes or more, designed to provide cardiovascular benefits
  • Water Toning/Strength Toning:  Upper and lower body moves designed to strengthen, firm, and sculpt the muscles by using the resistance of the water and/or water exercise equipment.
  • Flexibility Training:  Large movements using each body part's full range of motion, along with full body stretches.
  • Water Therapy & Rehabilitation:  Procedures in the water designed and implemented for special clinical purposes.
  • Water Yoga & Relaxation:  Gentle, easy-flowing moves using the water as a relaxation medium.
  • Deep Water Running:  Simulating land running in the water depth where the feet do not touch the bottom of the pool.  Flotation devices are used.  Various running styles, drills, and methods can be used
  • Wall Exercise (Deep or Shallow):  Using the pool wall for support to isolate various body parts.
  • Water Fitness Products:  Professional products designed and manufactured specifically for water fitness activities – for toning, strengthening, and endurance work.  Such products add variety to the class, motivate students, and create additional resistance and support.
  • Lap Swimming:  If the individual is a proficient swimmer, swimming back and forth using various swimming strokes is a possibility.  However, we suggest that lap swimmers also consider other forms of water exercise in addition to lap swimming

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