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There is so much information out there about what to eat, and what not to eat … anybody could get confused just by the latest headline !  When thinking about what makes a healthy diet … the idea should be " Whole Ingredients ".

When shopping at the grocery store, think about the perimeter as the " healthy " sources and everything in between as " added " sources.  Almost all boxed foods have more ingredients than nutrients, and are not good for overall health. This doesn't mean you have to go clean immediately, it just simply means that being more aware of what you are consuming can make a huge difference about how good you will look and feel.

Whole ingredient foods, known as one ingredient food are things like fish, nuts, seeds, eggs, lean meats, cheese, lentils, fruits and vegetables. There are no ingredient labels because they are whole foods. When preparing your meals, ask yourself this question " what is in the food I am eating ? " and you will be surprised at just how many ingredients come in a package !

Oatmeal 2
{ Steel Cut Oats With Fresh Blueberries, Dried Cranberries,
Raw Almonds and sprinkled with Cinnamon }

Making good choices is a habit and anybody can do this.  Next time you prepare your meal … think about adding more veggies and protein.  Put lots of color on your plate … the more color in veggies … the healthier !  I am not a professional cook and I like to keep things simple … so if I can do it, so can you !  Plan ahead, take the time to think about the upcoming week and how to make those simple lunches that are tasty, easy and healthy. Some people like to get all the cooking done on Sunday and then store the first 2 to 3 days in the fridge and freeze the rest of the weeks meals. Don't become a victim of the " fast food " nation we have become, although there are healthier choices being made on a daily basis in these establishments … they still are somewhat processed and usually have unnatural ingredients that wreck your best efforts ! I am a fan of knowing what's going in my body and in order to do this … we need to cook our own meals or really do the research on the places we love and trust ! If you are going the salad route at a fast food establishment, be sure to bring your own dressing … most salad dressings at these places are sabotaging ALL of your efforts and have even been proven to have more calories and unhealthy fats than the good ol' cheeseburger ! Ouch ! Worst thing ever is when we think we are eating healthy, making the right choices … even restricting our desires to splurge and come to find out, what we just ate was worse than what our deisre was ! I believe being aware is key to being successful in making food choices … you don't even have to go on a " diet " to lose weight if you just pay better attention to what you are consuming.  Just by reducing unnatural sugar intake, giving up soda ( there is absolutely nothing good about soda ! ) and limiting your treats while adhering to proper portion sizes ( which includes giving up that " super size value meal " ) you will find that the extra pounds you are carrying will begin to melt off … this is a fact and so easy to do ! Why not give it a try and see what happens ? I dare you ! Try my philosphy for one month or even two weeks and see if you don't notice a difference in how you look, feel and breathe !


Sweet Potatoes sprinkled with Cinnamon
{ Sweet Potatoes sprinkled with Cinnamon }





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