Calories !

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What is in a calorie ???

People often assume that a calorie is just a calorie … so let's clear that up right now. The easiest way for me to help you understand calories is by this simple explanation :

If you take 100 calories of food and put it in your left hand and then put 160 calories of food in your right hand, which one do you think is better for you ? The left one of course, correct ? Well, if the 100 calories in your left hand was full of candy or cookies and the right hand was grilled chicken, what would your answer now be ??? Obviously the grilled chicken is a better choice and your body will benefit more from choices like you have in your right hand vs the left hand.  

If you're eating 1200 calories a day and not feeling great, then stop !  Your not doing your body any favors.  Sure, you might lose some weight for a little while, but then your body will crave more foods and eventually you will splurge and consume way more calories than ever needed and usually they aren't from grilled chicken ! Our bodies need food to produce energy which in turn produces a good metabolism and makes you feel great !  You need healthy fats, you need proteins and you absolutely need carbs !  The problem is most people think every calorie is equal and every carb is bad … this is the furthest thing from the truth !

1800 calories is about the average amount of calories anybody should consume at the very least … and if those 1800 calories are made up of healthy fats, nuts, seeds, veggies, produce, lean meats, greek yogurts, eggs, some dairy and whole grains … you will notice a big difference in how you feel and look … but you also will see your weight go down !

Another thing to always keep in mind is that just because something is " healthy " doesn't mean you can go hog wild and consume outrageous quantities … that is just plain silly.  Remember to listen to your body, it will inform you of when you are full and should stop eating. How many times do you eat more than you should and say " I wasn't even hungry when I ate that or I was full after the first serving " … trust me, we all do it ! We just have to find a way to truly hear what our body is saying and not just hear it, but you also have to listen to it !

Next time you sit down for a meal … think about these few things :

1. Is this a healthy choice ?

2. How much is one serving ?

3. Am I satisfied with my choices ?

4. Am I full and should stop now ?

5. Do I feel good after eating this meal ?


We all have the ability to make these small changes and bring awareness to the surface. There are no magic pills or diets that will work better than just plain old fashioned knowledge of healthy eating, moving your body and having the proper mindset of remaining positive at all times.  

So save your money and just invest in your health ! The trip to the grocery store might just save you a couple of bucks once you decide to buy a few more healthier items vs the not so good for you stuff we all could do without !

Cheers to better choices, a better way of life and finding your happiness all within your own choices and applying these simple steps to your day ! 


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