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Almost everybody desires hair they weren't born with … from curly to straight, blonde to black … even the texture is often admired !  Long, short … a pixie or spike … everybody has their favorite, some desire change more often, where others will keep the same style for decades … and that's ok ! Whatever works for you, is exactly what you should do ! But no matter what our style is, we all have one common desire … we all want healthy hair !

Hair - beautiful brown hair

So let's talk about heat ! The most popular products on the market right now all involve " high heat " and everybody knows or at least they should know … heat damages hair ! When using a flat iron you always want to protect your locks with a great product ! Don't go the cheap route on this item … this can make or literally BREAK your hair !  If you want to keep your hair healthy and strong while applying high heat … be sure to spray a heat protector prior to application of a flat iron, curling iron or anything that produces damaging heat. Use it quickly and never let it sit on your hair ! Try not to use it daily, visit my page Shampoo! " for more details on how to prevent damaging your hair !

The truth about beautiful hair is … we have to take care of it on a regular basis to be able to see the results we desire. This can be a simple process if one is willing to follow the easy steps I have outlined here and on my other pages … I am somebody who loves having strong, beautiful healthy hair with minimum work, so I am a strong advocate of finding what works best and is simple to use or follow through on ! I would rather spend more time doing the things I love, like going to the beach or taking a lovely walk in nature than spending countless hours on doing my hair daily ! So come on, join me in finding your perfect solutions and then kick back and enjoy all that extra time you have on your hands !

You can start out your healthy hair regimen by allowing your hair to " air dry " … a blow dryer used every day is like eating a greasy fried burger daily ! It is that damaging to your hair ! With the right products, allowing your hair to dry naturally will give you results that not only look great, but feel gret to ! In the beginning you will need to test your hair, should it be left alone until completely dry ( like mine ) or does it need a " fluff " every now and then so it doesn't remain too flat. Find what works for you and presto ! Better condition hair almost instantly ! If you do need to use a blow dryer occasionally, make sure to use medium to low heat and don't keep blowing your hair dry until all the moisture is out … result is damaged ends and really dry looking hair !

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