Step Out Of The Box !

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Sometimes we think that just remaining in the mix, hardly noticeable … makes life easier. Some of us even go out of our way to not be noticed and just blend in, but these are the same people who are " hoping " one day life will change, life will get better. The truth is, life is as good as you want it to be … you are in control of your destiny. If you want life to get better, if you want to experience true happiness and self worth … try to implement the following five suggestions into your daily routine :

  • Wake up each day and take a moment to stretch, smile and just breathe. Reflect on the many things in your life that you are thankful for, including what you see outside … blue skies, sunshine or even a mantel of white diamonds. Listen for the sounds of nature .. whispering winds, birds singing and maybe even the sounds of water in any form ( rain, waves or dripping ). Acknowledging first thing in the morning that finer things in life that don't cost us a penny and are often taken for granted can change your perception of how to greet this brand new day !
  • Eat healthy as often as possible. You can enjoy those favorite treats, just not all in the same day ! Try to eat more one ingredient foods and less packaged / processed foods. Explore the outer aisles of the grocery store and spend less time browsing all those tempting processed foods in the middle of the store. Look at the produce department as a healthy body wonderland ! Find ways to mix your old habits with new ideas … like carrots and peanut butter or fresh mozzarella with tomatoes and drizzled olive oil while adding a sprinkle of your favorite herb ! Food should not be an obsession, it should be enjoyed in a very simple way.
  • Get up and get moving ! Any exercise is better than no exercise at all ! Forget those long workouts at some gym where you do the same thing over and over again. Try something fun and exciting .. dance your way from the bedroom to the kitchen, do a flight of steps a few times while listening to your favorite tunes ! Jump rope like a little kid and get your heart pumping ! Then think about your youth and what we loved to do as a child … biking, walking, swimming, running, playing sports, frisbee, jumping waves, skiing and for some lifting free weights while building those muscles. There is something for everybody regardless of your age, height, weight or race ! Next time you drive to the store ask yourself these questions … could I of walked or biked ? Did I park far away so I can get more steps in today ? Just add a little bit each day until it comes naturally and you just do it because it's how you want to live your life … healthy and happy !
  • Shut the TV off, turn out the lights and get some good solid sleep ! We as humans need 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily in order to perform at our fullest potential. Many people think they do just fine on 6 hours or less and maybe it appears they do, but over time it will take a toll on your body and you will begin to feel the resistance from the lack of sleep through those years. There is nothing more valuable than taking good care of our heart, immune system and resting our bones while sleeping peacefully through the night ! Trust me … your body will thank you later in life !
  • Positive thinking is key to being happy … there is no faster way to feeling better about yourself and your life than good ol' positive thinking. There should be no place in your life for negativity, nothing good ever came from it and certainly never will ! Remove the negative people in your life and fill your circle of life with positive thoughts and positive people. The idea that worrying could help solve the worlds problems has NEVER been proven … worrying is just a waste of your time and energy and will not influence the outcome. Focus on the things you can change and forget about the rest, with every challenge comes an outcome … whether it is good or bad … there is always a lesson to be learned. Grasp the information and apply it in a positive way to your life !


Life is indeed to short to stand by and just hope it gets better … you have to step out of the box and start being the difference you crave in life and just make things happen on your own terms ! Don't accept the negativity, never believe somebody else has all the answers and forget about what people think of you … just stand tall, swim at your own pace and always take a moment to …




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