Sushi Time !

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Can Sushi be a healthy choice ?  The answer is … YES !

Many people have often believed that eating Sushi can ruin your diet or sabotage your best weight loss efforts, and the truth is, it can do both … IF the ingredients don't support a healthy diet … than neither will the consumption !

Let's begin with what Sushi is made of … we all know rice, right ? Ok, you can use white or brown rice ( brown is thought to be a healthier choice, but if the serving size is correct the white rice is not going to ruin your meal ). We also know that it can be wrapped in sea kelp ( seaweed paper ) or just by itself.  

There are three main types of what people often call … Sushi :

  • Maki : Rice rolled with sea kelp on the inside or out with ingredients in the middle
  • Nigiri :  Raw fish on top of a ball of rice … Shrimp, crab, Egg ( Tamago ) are also quite popular !
  • Sashimi : Sliced raw fish by itself without rice ( not technically Sushi because there is no rice )

Sushi - All Three

Let's talk about the rice … Sushi rice is also known as " sticky rice " and must be used in order to make proper sushi !  Regular rice will not work correctly and will make a huge mess, so trust me … make sure you buy " Sushi Rice " ! You can make the rice the old fashioned way, but I found that a rice cooker makes absolutely perfect Sushi rice every time !  No worries, no checking … just wait and voila! … perfect Sushi rice ready to go ! There are many videos on you tube that will walk you through the process of making Sushi rice and trust me, it is very helpful to see somebody else make it your first time trying. After the rice has cooked, you will need to add a "Sushi Vinegar", just plain "Rice Vinegar" won't work right and the taste of your rice will be lacking flavor !  All you have to remember is "Rice Vinegar + Salt + Sugar = Sushi Vinegar" … You can make life simple by just buying "Sushi Vinegar" or you can venture into the art of making your own with the ingredients listed above.



The biggest misconception about Sushi is that people often think it always involves raw fish … this couldn't be any further from the truth ! My personal favorite is the Avocado Roll and or the Vegetable Roll, which both have ZERO raw fish in them ! You can always add cucumber, carrots, mango, pineapple, coconut, greens , nuts or seeds … just about anything you fancy would work !

Eating Avocado is a wonderful thing … it is packed with healthy fats that make our bodies run more efficiently ! The Avocado roll is very simple to make, just prepare some Sushi rice, get the seaweed ready … spread the rice, top it with Avocado slices and roll ! Yes, it's really that simple !


Next is the lovely Vegetable Roll in all it's healthy glory ! I love this roll simply because I can load up on veggies while indulging in a great tasting Sushi dinner ! You can pick and choose the veggies you love or dare to try something new and exciting ! Of course I love my avocado, so this is always a main ingredient … then I sometimes add carrots, cucumbers or asparagus. Some people might add leeks, greens, mushrooms or even onions ! Again, the best part about making your own Sushi is you get to choose your ingredients !

Sushi - Veggie

For those who like to get a little fancier and take pleasure in the exotic rolls like the Dragon Roll or the " everything in the kitchen " roll … there are many options out there to add whatever you want ! The basics are the same, Sushi rice and Seaweed sheets … add the rice to the seaweed and then put all those fancy ingredients in and roll away ! A good reminder is when first learning to make Sushi … try to stick with just three ingredients until you get the " rolling " mastered ! Like everything else in life … practice makes perfect !

If you enjoy raw fish, lobster, crab or shrimp … well then, welcome to the Sushi world ! Only one thing to be aware of … not ALL Sushi is healthy ! Try to stay away from the " fried " aka " tempura " … these rolls can easily exceed 2000 calories per roll, not to mention all the unhealthy fats you are consuming in one roll. Lobster, crab and shrimp that is grilled with Olive Oil or steamed is your best choice ! They make for some healthy delicious rolls that everybody loves !

Sushi - Shrimp

Going out for Sushi is fun, but all can be quite expensive depending on how fancy the rolls are that you are eating. Making Sushi at home not only allows you to save money, but also brings out the creativity in most people ! Doing a " Sushi Night " with family or friends is an incredible way to enjoy your evening and be in control of your own choices and health benefits !







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