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~ Why do you take Vitamins ? Are they really needed ? ~


Ever wonder if Vitamins are really necessary ?  People often have questions about how much or how many they actually need, as well as asking themselves " what kind should I buy and what are the benefits ". The links on this page will provide you with detailed information about Vitamins I personally have taken and what the results can do for your overall health.  There are many benefits to taking vitamins, and to be honest … unless you are a clean eater 90% of the time, you are not getting all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body craves.

But don't be fooled by thinking that all vitamins should have some " miracle " weight loss effect … that is just not the case !  Maybe one or two of the vitamins I consume benefit my metabolism which in turn speeds it up and helps with weightloss.  But the fact is … everything I take is for  medical purposes that help promote a strong healthy body … the idea is to be the best you can be with or without added sources.

Also note that I take a few different " Oils " … my philosphy is that my body is like a machine and if I want it to run effeciently … than I should oil it often !  Think about your joints … and what a little oil can do for them ! Hence … My well oiled machine theory !  Ha !  

Vitamins - Veggies



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There are many choices on the market, and trying to figure out where to go to purchase the vitamins you need … I've made this very easy for you, below is a direct link to one of my favorite shops and there you can find everything you need !  They offer incredible specials and great pricing !

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Interactions. If you take any medicines regularly, talk to your doctor before you start using any new supplements. They could interact with antibiotics, diabetes drugs, blood thinners, heart medicines, and others.

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